Bald Guyz Club

Bald Guyz Club

Join the Bald Guyz Club and start enjoying the benefits today!
We believe that bald guys are special and they deserve their own club. This is why we created the Bald Guyz Club. The Bald Guyz Club will provide you with special Bald Guyz product discounts as well as with a wide assortment of benefits, such as discounts to sporting events, restaurants and branded products. All of this is possible because you are a bald guy!

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As a member of the Bald Guyz Club here is what you get: 
Your choice of any Bald Guyz Product AND your choice of a Head Massager, Mug, T-Shirt or Toiletry Bag
As a member you will enjoy special product discounts through our partnership with Working Advantage. Our expansive portfolio of offers includes discounts for:  

Amusement Park Tickets
Broadway Theatre
Movie Tickets
Ski Tickets
Sporting Events
Family Events
Recreational Activities
Zoos and Aquariums
Merchant Gift Certificates
Online Shopping & Service Discounts

Keep visiting the new "Clubhouse" page on our wesite to find events and happenings in your area. You will receive special offers exclusively for you! Sign up today and join this very special group of baldies!

Be real………..Bald Guyz!!

Howard Brauner
"The Head Bald Guy"

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